Saturday, April 12, 2014

Can An Old Dog Learn New Tricks? Or Can An Artist Build Her Own New Website?

new website logo

Well, we shall find out the answer to the question in the title of my blog post very soon. I have been very busy learning the ins and outs of creating a new website using my favorite modern template provider,   It's wonderful to be able to build and change your own website. Now that there are "drag and drop" website building tools out there I don't have to know any special programming code to change my website. I hope you will like my new website and find it easier to navigate. It should be done this week. I'll let you know as soon as its finished!

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Mary Ann said...

hi barbara!!
just popping over to say howdy. forgot to ask how your talk at DISTANT LANDS went? let me know next time you come up so we can meet.