Barbara Roth has been drawing since she was given her first set of crayons at age 4. She studied Fine Art at UCLA and has teaching credentials in Art Education and Adult Ed. She has taught art for many years to students ages 2-92. She believes anyone can learn to draw and paint if they want to and will do their homework. She enjoys helping people develop their creative abilities and has seen most of her students become excellent painters.
For many years Barbara wrote and illustrated children's books which explains her interest in cows and tap dancing beagles. Her paintings subjects are taken from her home life, (she has 3 dogs which are frequent subjects), her imagination and her travels. She likes to paint anywhere from a  speeding train in Tuscany to her backyard and kitchen. 
 She also enjoys travel painting and has taken groups of students to  France, England and Italy to paint, tour, shop, visit museums, eat and enjoy the culture.  In 2013 she will hold workshops in Montisi, Italy, Provence, and Paris. In 2014, she has plans to teach in Durfort, France, Tuscany, and on a river cruise to Croatia..
Her mission is to introduce people to the joys of painting and drawing for pleasure and help them develop their skills into a joyful hobby. 
The concept of the Anywhere Art Studio is to make the process of sketching and painting easy and portable so that one can paint anywhere they find themselves. Barbara's goal when traveling is to introduce students to the unique beauty of the destination and learn as much as they can about  the culture of the country they are visiting by staying in off the beaten path locations and meeting the local people.

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