Travel Tips

Buy packing cubes in an assortment of sizes, that way when you get to your hotel you can pull out what you need easily without unpacking your entire suitcase. 

 Big 3 - 3 pairs of pants, 3 sweaters, 3 shirts, 3 sleeveless shirts or camisoles so you can layer your clothing according to the weather conditions
1 pair of black pants in case you have to dress up and 2 other more casual pants
 2 pairs of shoes (bring 1 pair of sandals if your trip is during the warm/hot weather) - walk in them for at least a few days before your trip to break them in.
Underwear-4 or 5 pairs (you can wash them out in the bathroom sink) Think about investing in a pair of travel underwear (REI brand is my favorite) for when you need your underwear  to dry in 2 hours.
Socks-4 or 5 pairs (the soft padded kind are great), socks can take a while to dry in a hotel room.
Dresses, suits, skirts optional, I've stopped bringing a dress because I never wear them.

Travel money belt-absolute necessity so you don't have to worry about pick pockets. I prefer the ones that you wear around your waist or down your leg made by Eagle Creek.

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