Friday, April 18, 2014

My Hair is Standing On End From the Process of Building My New Website and Blog

"I am a mature adult, I completed 5 years of college, I raised a child, I can do this."  This is the mantra I keep repeating to myself as I learn the ins and outs of website building. has very good tutorials and lots of nice people you can email to get your questions answered when you need help. However, because I was born pre-internet, I believe learning something technical online is not a natural process for me. Us baby boomers were brought up on book learning and internet learning is a process I am in the process of adapting to. The good news is I am learning by trial and error and trying to remember when I get frustrated to go take the dog for a walk instead of eating all the chocolate in the house.


Karenliz said...

I understand completely. I can't wait to see it completed.

Polly Birchall said...

Best of luck with this. It took me a whole weekend to set up my blog!!!