Monday, January 20, 2014

Painting Furniture in Addition to Watercolors

If you visit my house  you might find some of your old furniture you donated to a charity or thrift shop in a new color.  My latest painting project has been furniture. 
If you are sitting still in my house, watch out, you might get painted. 
I love painting furniture. I started with a brush and some old paint samples I found in the garage, and progressed to buying pints of paint at Lowes. Then I tried spray paint, but the fumes almost affixiated me. Currently I am using Annnie  Sloan chalk paint, which has changed my life and offered me  a quicker, more colorful way to paint. ASCP, as the enthusiasts call it, sticks to almost anything and requires no prep except washing off your piece. So I skip having to sand wood before painting. The painting possibilities are endless! Watch out!