Thursday, January 16, 2014

You CAN Learn to Be More CREATIVE

A Page From My Creativity Journal

      Have you ever wanted to be more creative? I think you can improve your creative thinking by learning and practicing creative thinking skills like:  how to generate  ideas, how to record your ideas, how to edit your ideas, how to spark your ideas, how to find out and change your roadblocks to creativity and  how to identify what areas of interest you want to strengthen.
     Let me know if you're interested in becoming more creative. Having more creativity will not only benefit your artwork, you can use your creativity skills in your work life, your home life and many other parts of your life.
I taught a workshop seven years ago called "How to Add More Creativity to Your Life". It was really interesting to teach these skills and then hear from my students how they were able to put their new creative thinking abilities into their lives. I think the world needs more creativity right now, don't you?

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Rachel said...

Sounds like a very interesting topic. Are you offering another workshop?