Monday, July 15, 2013

Limited Palette Painting

Here's another version of the vineyard painting I painted in 2 colors last week. In this version I used only 5 or 6 colors which included naples yellow, cerulean blue, burnt umber and a little bit of red orange to perk up the paler colors.


Katherine Thomas said...

This is really interesting, how you're achieving the different moods with each different palette! They seem like different times of day, or different seasons. Are you keeping notes about the effects you get with each palette?

Barbara Roth said...

I should be keeping notes, shouldn't I? I did write some notes on sticky notes, and set the painting aside and a gust of wind blew the notes away somewhere in my studio. You have inspired me to find a better note taking system. How do you keep your notes on your wonderful paintings and drawings?