Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Tuesday Art Skool

Today is tired Tuesday, because you had a long holiday weekend and you are tired today. So I am teaching a lesson that won't be too tiring.  Two color painting is today's topic. I can choose the colors for you if you're  very, very fatigued. Here is a list to choose from:
burnt sienna and thalo blue
burnt sienna and ultramarine blue
burnt umber and ultramarine blue
red orange (scarlet lake, if you have it) and cobalt blue

I used burnt umber and ultramarine blue here and snuck in a teeny bit of burnt sienna when no one was looking.


Katherine Thomas said...

The painting is wonderful, and the special tonality from the two colors makes it really glow as a unified scene in nature. When I was reading your post, the painting was hidden below the edge of the window, and I had to scroll down. So I didn't see it as I was reading the text. When I read that you could only use 2 colors I was expecting a very different type of painting than what I saw when I scrolled down to it! WOW! I might try a modified technique with my colored pencils. Just using the range of values in only two different hues. I like the effect you achieved!

Polly Birchall said...

Naughty you! So 3 colour painting really. Good idea and good painting too