Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Tuesday Art Skool- The 6 Stages of A Watercolor Painting

Step 1. Draw on watercolor paper and mask out white areas 

Step 2. Paint sky area and buildings and some bricks with light washes of color.

Step 3. Darken areas of the sky and add more layers of color + paint the foliage.

Step 4. Refer to your reference photos to see if you are capturing in your painting what  you  like about your subject.

Step 5. The YICK stage, when you look at your painting and say "Yick," decide to take up bowling as a hobby instead of painting. Take a deep breath, don't give up painting and add more layers of paint to give your painting more value and depth.

Step 6. Put your almost finished painting upright somewhere and leave it a lone for a while.   Return  later when your eyes are fresh, and decide if your painting needs more or if it is finished. If its finished, sign it, date it and sell it.


Polly Birchall said...

Love your word 'Yik' I now think I will use it instead of my swear words. So like to see the progress and love your Yikky result!!

Susan McKee said...

Do you remember in the movie "Mary Poppins" where they jump into a chalk painting on the sidewalk and go on a stroll through the country? I wish I could jump into one of your watercolors, Barbara! Your paintings make the ordinary look warm, happy, welcoming, and fun; I want to live there! ;-)