Monday, March 11, 2013

Taking The Anywhere Art Studio Mini Paint Set on a Trial Run

Sunday afternoon the conditions in my backyard were perfect for painting so I took the new little Altoids box paint set outside. All my outdoor painting supplies fit really well in the lid of a candy box. I was curious to see if I was missing any color for landscape painting. I thought if I needed a color for the view from backyard, then I could put that color in the empty space in my paintbox.
My plan failed. I did not yearn for any additional color to complete my sketchbook painting.
Well then I have some contenders for the empty space based on handy colors I use alot in my paintings; Cobalt violet? Cobalt teal? Brick colored red or Indian yellow?


Polly Birchall said...

Great idea your little box. And a lovely landscape too. I notice you haven't got indian yellow, I use that a lot for my greens, it's a delicious colour. Be interesting to see what you choose.

Last Cup Of Coffee said...

i love your painting!