Saturday, March 9, 2013

What Color Watercolor Paint Do You Sugest to Complete A Travel Palette

I am making some travel watercolor palettes for my students to use in my April "Painting Anywhere You Find Yourself" workshop.
I filled the box with:
Permanent rose, pyrole red, scarlet lake, Sennelier yellow light, new gamboge, sap green, permanent green, cerulean blue, cobalt blue, ultramarine blue, thalo blue,carbazole violet, burnt sienna and yellow ochre.
I have one space left open and can't decide on the last color, can you help me decide? Some contenders for the spot are indian red and ultramarine violet.


Susan McKee said...

Pretty sure that's an Altoids container (LOVE those things! The containers, not the mints.) But what are you using to divide and contain the paint?

Barbara Roth said...

It's a piece of something that goes inside a flourescent light fixture. I bought it at Home Depot and cut it to fit the Altoids tin.
You learned to comment really well, thanks so much.

Claire M said...

Darling little palette and love your name on the cover!