Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Minor Artist Goal Achievement

Psychologists say it is important to set goals for yourself in order to achieve.
I believe what they say, so I have set several personal and professional goals for myself.
The goal you set for yourself is supposed to be specific, measureable, timely and within the realm of realistic achievement.
For instance, the wrong way to set a goal is to say, "I want one of my paintings to hang in the Louvre Museum in Paris someday". This goal would be too vague, have no time frame and might be a bit unrealistic for me. A better goal might be"I want to enter a painting in the San Diego Watercolor Society's April members show and need to finish and submit this painting by March 29th."
Today I achieved one of my goals I have dreamed of accomplishing for a long time. I can now put my hair up into a twist on my head and secure it by sticking a pencil through it. . Maybe tomorrow i will finish that painting to hang in the Louvre.


Last Cup Of Coffee said...

all right! congrats! love that pencil twist! with the right goals you can achieve anything you want to . . . am I right?

Susan McKee said...

I love you! Your blog posts MAKE my day!