Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Painting Dog Portraits

The beagle posed for me this morning and I painted my first study for his portrait. At least I think he posed, he may have been sleeping.
I like to paint several small studies for a portrait before I begin on a larger canvas. The small paintings help me figure out what colors of paint to mix, the composition and the drawing. Once I have those things figured out I paint with more confidence on the final portrait.
When I showed the beagle my first rough study his response was non-commital. However, the mini Aussi saw it and was impressed and decided he would like his portrait painted next.


. said...

So glad you came by my blog (thank you for your very kind comment), so I got to see your blog. Lovely watercolour work and fun posts, I like your universal palette and how you have the little test page with it... I have a big one the wall, but a small one like that is a great idea.

Thank you again for stopping by my blog, glad you enjoyed the stamps (more to come, I cant get enough of them right now).


Anonymous said...

Aww! How cute!! Your doggie is adorable! Whats his/her name?

Barbara Roth said...

The Aussie's name is Zuko.