Friday, November 16, 2012

Even Sleeping Dogs Want Their Portraits Painted

This morning, my little beagle requested her portrait be painted. She is quite small for a beagle because she was breed to be used for some sort of research. She was released from her lab for an undiclosed reason and I was able to adopt her through Northern California Beagle Rescue.
She quickly posed on the couch and curled up for warmth. I decided to see how fast I could sketch and paint her before she changed her pose. Here is the result. She was kind enough to stay in her curled up pose for 15 minutes. Then she stretched out.

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. said...

cplyses 25great painting sketch, she looks well relaxed and very much at home : ) I saw a few shows about the beagle rescue, sure made me cry and I hate what they have had to go through, but glad that they have a second chanse on life.