Monday, June 18, 2012

Teaching A Watercolor Class for Calligraphers in Atlanta is Great Fun

This past weekend I flew to Atlanta, Georgia to teach a workshop for Friends of the Alphabet, Atlanta. They are a wonderful group of calligraphers who have lots of talent and skill. They learned watercolor and sketching techniques very quickly. Our workshop location was in Stone Mountain, Georgia in a wonderful German restaurant called The Village Corner. On Sunday we drove up the block into Stone Mountain National Park and painted the beautiful lake and old mill. The weather was beautiful for painting outdoors and everyone painted the scenery and did a really nice job of it. I look forward to seeing these calligraphers create some pretty wonderful journal pages.

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Toni Brown said...

Watercolors, Atlanta & calligraphy...looks like fun! I am headed for Kenya, Africa on July 11th--was wonderng where I can get one of those small travel watercolor sets?? No Paris, after all, as my whole famly is going to Cape Cod in August--much to paint there, though!! Talk to you soon!