Monday, May 28, 2012

Post Trip Studio Painting From Photos

If you come home from a trip and want to paint some of the interesting things you've seen, you need to make some decisions.
You have to decide if you need to clean up your studio before you begin painting. I decided not to clean up. I pushed aside everything on my desk until I made room to paint. If you busy yourself with straightening out your studio your feelings and emotions about your painting subjects will fade. If you choose to paint right away while your trip memories are fresh, I think some how the excitement you felt about your subject will be carried into your painting.
The other reason to decide
to paint immediately is because you still have memories of the time of day and intensity of light to add to your photo reference. Once your feelings and thoughts about the light fade, you have only your photo to go on. You might make notes about the light and color during or after your trip and those notes will help you remember when you are back home painting.

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