Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Why I Have To Go Back To France

It's all very simple. I have to go back to France as soon as soon as possible. There are so many more towns in the south of France with wonderful scenery to paint. Then there is Nice and the surrounding areas that have artwork by Chagall and Matisse that i need to see firsthand. I must also head North in France and see the Loire Valley and visit some chateaux. Of course I have to visit Paris again and discover more incredible neighborhoods and view more art exhibits. I would really like to take you with me. You could keep a journal with daily notes and I will help you draw and paint your travel sketches. Equally important as all of my other reasons for planning another French workshop is that the French chocolate bars have run out.
Plans are now in the works for a workshop in Fall 2013. The thought is to land in London, spend some time in the English countryside, then take the chunnel to Paris and explore the North. If you can fit this into your schedule let me know. We will have a great time.

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