Sunday, March 25, 2012

Brilliant Students Attend One Hour Journal Page Workshop

Yesterday I taught  The One Hour Journal Page Workshop  and it was a wonderful experience. Twelve very creative and talented students filled the room and shared their talents, ideas and tools of the trade. The students were a wonderful blend of different talents, Urban Sketchers, Calligraphers, Outdoor Painters and Journalers. I demonstrated how to put together a simple journal made out of our recycled packing boxes (boy was I glad to see those things put to another use), bakery string, mailing tape, and an assortment of watercolor and other papers. Then, everyone created their own journals, which you can see them displaying in the pictures above. The dogs in the picture are mine and did not make journals.
After a quick demo of the 5 basic watercolor techniques we broke for lunch to give us the energy to paint our pages in the afternoon. I was really impressed with the pages completed in the afternoon, they were each wonderful and reflective of the student's own styles.
My theme for this workshop was your journal doesn't have to be perfect and precious (thus the recycled materials which make it inexpensive) and the objects you chose to paint and write about in your journal don't have to be fabulous. The idea is to use your journal as a place to practice and develop your skills, record your ideas and thoughts and have a good time in the process. Please try this at home and let me know how it works for you.

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