Monday, April 2, 2012

Taking in Art With All Your Senses

Recently I have been struck by the fact that art is all around us. We absorb art with our senses and store it in our own personal memory banks to be withdrawn when we are in need of inspiration.
In the last week I found several sources of  artistic inspiration . The first inspiring item I encountered was the 7-11 Mini Mart's Slurpy machine.Imagine all the color combos of Slurpys you could make if there wasn't a line of people waiting behind you! Then a young artist, named Charlie came to visit. We were both inspired when we found a fence made of colored pencils in our neighborhood. The cupcakes from the cupcake bakery where my daughter works have inspired me with their colors and tastes. I discovered the
 urns I love to paint in Europe at my local Home Depot.  I've placed two on my fence and they inspire me everytime I leave the house. Have you found any inspiration around you lately? I would love to hear about your experience.

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Minerva said...

Hi Barbara,
Your Drawing and Painting Helper looks great!
Thanks for your comment on my post. I try to draw every day, but uploading and blogging about it is the hard part...
Best regards