Sunday, February 26, 2012

Art Studio Set Up For Multi-Tasking

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I have resumed my hobby of tap dancing. However, I discovered having to go out into my garage to practice my steps was taking a big chunk out of my painting time. After watching some YouTube videos, I learned there was a tap dancing mini floor you could buy to practice and not destroy your knees, tile or hardwood floors.
A trip to Home Depot for a piece of plywood which I placed over my yoga mat provided a great tap dancing practice spot in my art studio. Now when I can't figure out the correct color or composition for a painting I am working on, I can take a tap dance break until inspiration strikes.
It's really important to step back from your painting at intervals and return a bit later to view your work with fresh eyes.


Roberta said...

Barbara, I am super impressed that you can paint AND tap dance! Of course, not at the same time...though that might make for an interesting painting :-) But tap dancing...that is so cool!!! I love your tap shoes...and that you have a spot in your studio to tap, in front of the mirror! Way to go! Keep us posted on how that is going... it's a good reminder for me to get up and MOVE! Your inspire me, as usual :-)

Nikira said...

I also find it fascinating. I blame myself that I am not moving enough because so involved in drawing sitting or standing. I only love to walk in Manhattan if I am out on weekends with friend or my daughter. I don't have a system. So you are a good example. :-)