Saturday, February 25, 2012

Painting Flip Flops

I completed this painting yesterday. It was inspired by the San Diego Watercolor Society's theme, California Style for their March show.
I really enjoy the process of creating a painting based on a theme. I guess that is because I like generating ideas and deciding which one best fits the theme. I wonder if I could list idea generator under my list of skills on my resume?
Anyway, what do you think of painting with a theme in mind? Does a theme help you or not?


Nikira said...

I tried, on SkineArt, but life trowing so many impressions on me, that anywhere I turn, I get so many images and ideas I want to draw, that I often thought that I can, probably, lay on the floor in one room and see and make a hundred of compositions just from that spot. Very nice painting, btw, I like that green. :-)

The Best Decade said...

Barbara, I LOVE this painting! Wish I could come to your workshop this weekend, but I have a houseful of g'kids! xoxoxo