Saturday, March 3, 2012

One Hour Journal Page Workshop Goodies

Saturday, March 24th, I will be teaching a workshop in my studio called "One Hour Journaling Pages".  In the workshop you will make a journal out of mostly green, recycled materials. You will combine a variety of my favorite watercolor journaling papers in your journal. After you make your journal you'll learn how to quickly and confidently draw, paint and journal on the pages. Each page will be designed to be completed in about an hours time. I will teach you lots of "top secret" artist tricks to make your drawings look realistic and I will give you my new booklet, The Drawing and Painting Helper. I will also show you lots of painting techniques and you'll learn how to illustrate your thoughts, inspirations, ideas and observations. Lunch will be included in the $50.00 workshop fee and the hours will be from 9-3. Email me today if you want to attend. Enrollment will close March 10 and spaces are limited.


Laura said...

Where is your studio? This class sounds like fun.

Laura said...

Where is your studio? I'm thinking of coming to the class if I can.

Barbara Roth said...

Hi Laura,
I am in the north end of San Diego, near Leucadia and Encinitas. Email me at and I can answer more questions about the One Hour Journaling workshop.