Sunday, October 16, 2011

Studio Painting After Your Trip

Travel painting doesn't have to end when you arrive home. Actually, you can extend your travel painting from a specific trip for many years (recently I painted an image from a photo I took in Japan 30 years ago.)
The first thing I do when I get home from a trip is stumble down to Ritz camera and edit and print out my favorite photos of things I saw on my trip that I thought might make good subjects for paintings. I printed about 60 photos this time. The reason I print the photos ASAP is because the reasons I was inspired by these images tend to fade in a short time.
I also lay out the paintings I did during my trip on my desk and make adjustments.
Lastly I unpack my flea market treasures and try to figure out where to put them in my house and what the heck I was thinking when I bought an old suitcase filled with porcelain dolls whose legs don't bend but came with a full set of clothes and their own eyeglasses.

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