Friday, October 14, 2011

Back Home

It's hard to believe that yesterday I woke up in Paris and last night I went to sleep in California.
It's hard to believe I was eating pastry in Paris yesterday and today I renewed my Weight Watchers membership, it's hard to believe I was discovering and photographing subject matter for paintings and now I am back home with a dog who is less then enthusiastic about my return. It's paradoxes like these that make life interesting.

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Roberta said...

Welcome Home, Barbara! Isn't the transition from glamorous travel life, to real life...just such a let down?!?!? Sorry. I know it quite well.
But look at all the fantastic photos, paintings, and let's not forget, shoes...that you acquired on your recent travels! Ahh, happy memories, indeed!

Enjoy your point counting :-)
See you soon!

p.s...I just thought it fair to warn you...I'm bringing killer brownies to Debbie's house on the 29th...make sure you have "extra" points to squander on chocolate, ok????