Thursday, August 4, 2011

Does Art Follow Life or Tomatoes?

Yesterday, I found myself in a sea of tomatoes. It all started when I misunderstood the concept of square foot gardening. I thought I could plant every tomato plant in one foot spots in our garden box. So, I planted 15 tomato plants creating a tomato jungle in our backyard. Many people said our tomatoes would never grow in these conditions. However, currently we are harvesting around 10 lbs. of tomatoes daily. Warning: If you come to visit me you will be served tomatoes at every meal and I am getting amazingly good at making bruschetta. However, I have to make some time to paint, so yesterday I painted a small watercolor of my favorite tomatoes.

Here is the tomato jungle.

The beach near my house is proving to be another diversion from my painting time, but sometimes I do paint and sketch there.

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