Monday, July 25, 2011

Finding Time for Summertime Painting

Do you paint every day? How do you find time to paint? How long do you paint? These are questions I am often asked. Do you have a problem making time to paint? Have any of you out there, found a way to make time to paint on a regular basis? If you have please let us know by commenting with your ideas.

I generally feel "icky" (a technical term) if I have painted in a while. Sometimes that feeling motivates me to paint.

Sometimes I paint when I see something that inspires me. The photo that inspired the painting on this blog post, was taken by my dear friend and director of logistics for my trips, Eileen Condon. This is my 3rd time painting from this photo, I just love it.

Often I am motivated to paint when I am taking a painting class that meets regularly. Sometimes I am motivated to paint because I want to enter my work in a show that has a particular theme. Sometimes I paint because I need an example to show students.

I used to believe it was best to paint first thing in the morning after my coffee when my mind and vision were fresh. The problem with this morning painting was that I often got so caught up in the painting that I was still in my pj's when it was time to pick up my child from school or when my husband got home from work.

So basically I am saying, I haven't found a perfect schedule for painting. I do know you need to have your supplies easily accessible when you have a moment to paint, and you need to paint a lot in order to be a good painter. I am open to all suggestions from you as to how to have more time to paint.


Noelia said...

Hi Barbara, I had taking a couple of your classes a few years ago in Roseville.
I love your blog, thank you for the keeping us inspired.
Check out my blog too, I have being painting with acrylic mostly. I had a lot of fun in your class.

Take care,

Barbara Roth said...

Of course I remember you Noelia. Your enthusiasm for painting was admirable. I will check out your work. Thanks for your kind comments. I am so happy you are still painting said...

Hello, Barbara: Long time. My bad :-( Hope you are having a great summer. I've been busy, but now I am totally immersed in PhotoShop :-) I've taken classes for about 2 years now. You can see my work here:
Love your channel shoes painting.

Hope all is well in San Diego :-)


Dion Dior said...

Hi Barbara,

I've just discovered your blog and I love it. I am very much exploring watercolor right now and seem to be playing around with it in my sketchbook. I am completely in love with Twinkling H2O's, and find your advice and work very inspiring.

Cheers Dion.

Dion Dior said...

Hi Babara,
I have just discovered your blog and am in LOVE with it. Your work is beautiful and inspiring. I'm in love with Twinkling H2O's and use them as watercolor for painting. I am very much exploring wc technique and play a lot in my sketchbook...probably breaking all the rules. Thanks for sharing your skills.
Cheers, Dion.

The Best Decade said...

I NEED to find time to paint with you...SOON!!!
Love you!