Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Monastery Window

This painting is hot off my painting desk. I always like the idea of painting the inside looking out. This is a window in the monastery we stayed at in Cortona. The view outside is the garden. I think I might try this painting one more time. I am not thrilled with the blue inside walls and might want to try another color. What do you think?


Waiting... said...

Hi Barbara! I can't wait to begin painting this window--I love your perspectives.
Thank you for your great teaching and encouragements to me in your class.
I am thinking about doing the walls in the buttery colors and then brightening the outside trees--what do you think--will that be balanced?
See you Monday!

Karen A said...

I agree w/Libbi re (you) trying buttery or pale yellow walls - what about (another) cat in the window in lieu of one of the flower pots or perhaps under the trees?

Suzy Keleher said...

oh please keep the blue...remember that blue is the spiritual color and this, well, being a monestary, is spiritual...BEAUTIFUL! your friend is my friend(Susan) I checked out your blog! I love are so talented...i want to see all of them! Suzy

suzy keleher said...

Actually, I am crazy about this much to make my dream come true to put this on my wall? Suzy Keleher