Saturday, May 18, 2013

Lessons Drawn From Italy or Don't Try to Post with Jet Lag

My demo painting
 We arrived home from Italy late last night and found the house, the dogs and our child still here. I thought about what to write on the blog today and some really great ideas came to mind, like reporting with photos on the great shoes I bought in Italy or what I learned about renaissance art or fresco painting. However, I was too jet lagged to try to impress you. So I thought I might show you the first lesson I taught at my workshop in Tuscany. I brought a drawing I had done before the trip in order to begin teaching  Tuscany travel painting concepts like textures, colors and shadows.  Everyone in the workshop picked up the concepts quickly and did a great job. I concluded they were fully trained in Basic Tuscany painting. 
For this week's Tuesday Art Skool post, I will teach you these things.
My door I painted this morning, but couldn't find my  other colors, I think they are somewhere under the souvenirs in my suitcase.

My door I painted this afternoon after eating my first burrito after  17  days  of pasta eating.

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