Friday, February 1, 2013

New Improved Blog Design, What Do You Think?

Notice anything new here? Are you captivated, amazed, revitalized,  confused, dazzled, motivated, amused, appalled or anything else by my new blog design? Are you finding it easier to find my teaching schedule, view my art gallery (you can't yet, I haven't put any paintings on the page) or discover the dates and cost of my workshops in Europe? I will post on my pages tomorrow
Here is the scenario I am hoping for: I am out on location painting or at a cocktail party sipping champagne (more likely Merlot) and someone asks me what kind of work I do. Since I am now very businesslike and serious about my art career (I read the business section first these days and every post on the Artbiz blog), I hand them my business card. I hope I don't spill any red wine on my blouse as I rummage around in my purse trying to find my business cards. This person, who has asked about me will  look at my business card in awe and say, "Where can I see your work and find out more information about your workshops and classes?"
 I of course  look them straight in the eye (because I am a serious art professional and not (no never) an unconfident artist and I will say, "You can see my work and information on my blog and a website."
So tell me what you think...

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Polly Birchall said...

Absolutely love your comments and your sense of humour. Looking good!