Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Can Artists Organize?

Many people including a lot of artists themselves, believe they can't be organized.
I used to believe that I had absolutely no organizing ability. I would buy organizing books and lose them under a pile of stuff.
One day I got fed up with never being able to find my art supplies when I needed them and actually read some of my organizing books. I also got some tips from a few organized friends and a professional organizer.
Artists need to be taught organizing skills and about organizing supplies, because they didn't teach these things in the art classes at UCLA when I was an art major there.
Here is what I have learned about "artist organizing":

You actually DO need to be somewhat organized in order to find your tools when you want to begin a project.
Your stuff has to have its own storage place and be put back in its place after you use it (no fun).
You need to know about organizing supplies and storage pieces. This means you need to find an organized person to take you to The Container Store, IKEA, and an office supply store and explain how hanging file folders and other organizing stuff can help you.
You need to give your self permission not to organize perfectly and then just get started on one small project at a time.
Please send me your organizing tips and I will post them and use them.


Susan Plath McKee said...

You know I couldn't let an "organizing" post go without a comment! haha! Due to the depth of the bread box, my first thought was to use it as a mini file "cabinet" - maybe for greeting cards . . . Or craft papers . . .

Since the bread box has a lid on it, seems like that might help keep paints, glues, even markers "fresh" longer, so using it for your acrylics very possibly falls into the "brilliant" category. ;->

Keep up the good work. I'm so proud!

Last Cup Of Coffee said...

i love all of your ideas!