Tuesday, October 9, 2012

More About Inner Art Critics

Think about the word critic for a moment. What comes into your mind? Crid - ick! So if your inner art critic starts jabbering away while you are trying to get some artwork done, just say outloud, "You are a crid-ick! Go away I am trying to get some painting done here."
If you want a more mature method of dealing with your critic affecting your ability to create art, try focusing on the process of creating but try not to judge what you are creating. Either way, lets banish those criD-icks.

1 comment:

Peggy Beck said...

I enjoy looking at your art and always think I am going to do this and yet my daily life doesn't seem to leave room. I know I should
"Make room" for it, but my situation right now does not allow me this luxury. Thank you for your inspiration though. One day it will happen for me. You give me hope.