Saturday, October 6, 2012

How to Silence Your Internal Art Critic

We all have an inner "art critic" whose voice we hear whispering negative criticisms in our ear when we are trying to paint. "Your work isn't good enough, you used too much red, you should have been a nurse like your sister," are the kind of comments the critic likes to make.
So how do we silence this negative source? I am not certain, I am always trying different stratagies to mute my inner critic and those of my students. My most successful silencing strategy so far is to permit myself to make artwork with mistakes and view these mistakes as part of the process of creating not as proof of my incompetency.
Have you found a strategy to silence your internal critic? Please share it with me and my blog readers and then we will all happily make more art.
In the picture here, my fabulous and talented acrylics painting teacher at Mira Costa College, Kris Nugent shows her strategy for controling ones inner art critic.

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