Thursday, September 20, 2012

How to Recreate Your Italian Vacation

Our trip to Italy is officially over and it is time to get back to reality for us. My husband went back to work and I am home unpacking, doing laundry and thinking about how to begin some paintings of Rome.
About an hour before noon I cracked. Not knowing what time my body clock was on since passed thru at least 3 or more time zones on the plane home, i decided to eat.
There were few edible options in my refrigerator. What I really wanted for lunch was an Italian panini sandwich, aqua frizzante and an espresso. I am pretending that my toast with low fat Laughing Cow cheese is my panini, my club soda is aqua frizzante and my extra strong coffee is espresso. Also since my dining companions don't speak English, I am pretending they speak Italian. It seems to make sense to me, in my jet-lagged brain.
Now does anyone know how to get tomato sauce and olive oil stains out of one's clothing?
I will post my sketches tomorrow when my scanner is running and my thoughts are straighter.

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