Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Practice Painting Of Monet's Home in Giverny, France

I am busy in my studio trying top secret color experiments to find the perfect pink color to match Monet's house. Is it watery permanent rose? Quinachrodon rose or magenta mixed with a touch of cobalt? And what about those green shutters that protect his house from the sun and wind? The color possibilites are endless. Anyone want to give me some paint mix suggestions? I have about two weeks to practice painting before I leave for France and will pay a visit to his hpme and gardens with my students.


Roberta said...

Alas, I have no color mixing suggestions...I use the "try and fail, try again" approach to color mixing ;-)
But I do want to say that I LOVE this painting so much! And I want to see Giverny SOMETIME in my lifetime! Have a glorious time in France...I'll be thinking of you!!!

Barbara Roth said...

I learned about using the Nicholson's Peerless watercolors from you. I wonder if they have a suitable pink for Monet's house?
Your love of travel and your journals always motivates me as I am getting my materials and stuff ready for a journey. I hope we can travel together someday.

Deirdra Doan said...

Barbar, I just want you to know I just love this little painting. you sell your little studies? If so how much?
I am traveling to Ukraine, Russia, Germany, Austria and the German edge of France and maybe Nancy May 3- June 11. Hope you have a great trip too. Hope to see you in Sept. I am going to take the water color with me and supplies and things I learn from you! Yey...oxox

Barbara Roth said...

your trip sounds wonderful. You are really going to see a lot of Europe. I know you will paint some lovely watercolor paintings. Painting on a trip is much easier then studio painting because you are so inspired by what you see and the painting can't be perfect because you usually don't have enough time to worry about it.
I am always happy to sell my study paintings. How does $30.00 sound?