Monday, December 12, 2011

The Not So Perfect Studio is Finished

Remember when I posted about trying to organize my workspace/studio?
Finally, I feel like I have a space to work in that is welcoming to myself and any muse who might want to stop by.
I learned a lot of interesting things as I struggled to organize my office, among them the fact that artists should be educated about filing systems and supplies along with painting techniques in art schools.
Who would have guessed that you can only fit a finite amount of papers in a hanging file folder? I wondered why those hanging folders kept sinking...
The best things I learned were to sort and label my supplies and to put them back where they belong more quickly then 3 months after you use them.
The most important organizing tip I discovered is that my workspace doesn't have to be perfect, just workable and welcoming. To make my office welcoming I hung up artwork of my two talented dear friends, Nancy Holtz and Gwen Gibson + one of my paintings.

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