Thursday, December 29, 2011

New Years Resolutions for Watercolor Artists, Creative Urgers, and Those Who Like to Make Art

I really had a hard time with the title for this post because I didn't want to scare anyone off by calling them an artist, if they are not comfortable thinking of themselves as an artist. What should I call people who have the urge to paint and draw and be creative? Creative Urgers? Art Makers, Composers? Art Nerds? What are you comfortable calling yourself?
Anyway, this post is not about what to call yourself. Its about making resolutions so we can make more art that is to our liking. Hey, maybe we can call ourselves, Those who like to make art?
Here is a list of resolutions I have come up with that might enable you to happily make more art in 2012. Pick and choose from my list and add your own. Let me know what works for you. We all benefit from beautifying our world by making art, so lets put our heads together and find more ways to make art in 2012
1. I will find time to make some imperfect art several times a week. 20 minutes may be enough time.
2. I will find a class that helps me develop my skills.
3. I will try to tolerate my imperfect work and have faith it will improve if I practice.
4. I will make one new artist friend.
5. I will discover what inspires me to make art. (Like finding a website with artwork that inspires me.
6. I will gauge my progress in art making by only comparing myself with myself.
7. I will spend more time painting and less time Facebooking.
8. I will lose 12 lbs. (where did that come from?)
9. I will put away my art materials when I have finished working.
10. I will learn more about contemporary trends in art.
11. I will learn to ride a unicycle. Just wanted to see if you were still reading.
12. I will paint and draw bigger works.
13. I will remember to back away from my painting and see how it looks from a distance often.
14. I will push myself to show my work to nice people who might want to purchase it.

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dayle doroshow said...

Wonderful post Barbara and it made me laugh too! I'm gonna use your ideas in my yearly "what do I aspire to do this year" writing in my journal. I aspire to write in this journal often but it seems that Jan 1 is the only time I really sit and write in it. Other pages are filled with snippets of ideas and stuffed with torn out magazine pages for reference. Anyways- great list!