Friday, August 5, 2011

All Over the Map

Now that I am almost finished with my painting and cooking tomato period it is time to look to changing my website. When I began the website about 6 years ago I was just emerging from a 20 something period of illustrating children's books. I knew I loved to travel and to teach and so I thought why not combine the two?

Now a days my sketching and painting starts in my sketchbook which I carry everywhere with me. Sometimes I use my sketchbook paintings as inspiration for bigger paintings and sometimes they just remain as documents of my experiences. Sometimes I feel guilty that I am not doing tight, careful artwork anymore, but mostly I enjoy the freedom my sketchbook gives me and this is why: the sketchbook pages are small so it doesn't take a lot of time and paint to complete a painting and I can carry my sketchbook anywhere and paint anytime.

Anyone carrying around a sketchbook? What are your thoughts?

the website hasn't been changed yet so if you want to see the before, visit:

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