Thursday, June 16, 2011

I am Making Progress in Organizing My Studio

I found this table that fits perfectly under my window on sale in an antique mall. My baskets fit under it. Some rainy day I will neatly arrange the contents in each basket.
I actually found a painting I've been working on, when I put away some of the stuff that was all over my desk.

Look! Look! A clear space on my cutting, folding, mailing etc. table.

If you are expecting anything from me in the mail, I actually was able to address and stamp some things today and found my return address labels.

Notice you can actually walk to my computer desk and not trip over anything. When my husband uses the computer to check the stock market tomorrow he will not fear for his life because he has a treacherous path of art supplies to step over.

So, I am encouraged because I can see that the time and effort I am putting in to organize my workspace is going to pay off by allowing me to spend more time painting and making things and less time looking for my things.

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The Best Decade said...

VERY nice job, Barb!! I need to come and see it in person :)