Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Can This Studio Be Organized?

It is time to get down to business in my studio. I put my art supplies in shoe boxes and hid the shoe boxes in the cabinet, but that wasn't enough to make me efficient.
I stored my sketchbooks in cute baskets under my painting table but that really didn't help me clear up the mess on top of the table. I have been moved into my new studio for 6 months so I really have run out of excuses as to why I can't arrange my art supplies so I can find them and also unearth my teaching contracts to sign them and get them in the mail...

I finally took a test in the back of an organizing book and I scored off the chart for messiness. Today, I took a step toward my future as an organized artist. I consulted with Gigi Boskovich of Orgawize. She gave me a wealth of suggestions about how to store my supplies and find more workspace on my desk and she did not laugh at how messy the studio looked. Stay tuned for my progress in the studio.

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