Thursday, May 12, 2011

Sketching the Ponte Vecchio

This photo is the Ponte Vecchio, one the most famous landmarks of Florence. Ponte Vecchio means old bridge in Italian. This one was built in 1345 and it spans the Arno River. Jewelry shops with windows filled with shining gold jewelry line the inside of the bridge. You can cross the bridge to get to the other side of the Arno and buy yourself a ring or bracelet at the same time. Seems like a good use of one's time to me.

Anyway, I love this bridge. It is painted in faded golds, beiges, apricot and green grey colors of Tuscany and it inspires the artist in me. I had to try to paint it,while leaning over the railing on the side of the Arno. I used my pocket Global Art Sketchbook because it is lightweight, has good paper for watercolor and it fits into my pocketbook. While I was doing this painting, the nicest people from all parts of the world looked over my shoulder and said kind things about my painting. This is what I like most about traveling and painting, it opens dialogues with people who would normally past you by. Today I may attempt to finish my sketch in my home studio.

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