Tuesday, May 3, 2011


You might recognize this landscape. We were told it is the most photographed landscape in Tuscany.
I don't think I will ever find more inspiring landscape to paint then this one.

We see Spring time landscapes with every shade of green imaginable. Certainly, we have no excuses not to paint with this kind of scenery surrounding us. However, diversions like shoe shopping, visits to local espresso bars, devouring delicious meals made by our chef, Allessandro, and wine tasting all seem to take up our time, but we are fitting some valuable time to paint these inspirational sights.


Roberta said...

Ciao Barbara! These scenes are exquisite! How could you not be inspired to paint in surroundings like this??? I am glad you are back safe and sound, and would love to hear more about your trip! You know details...like how many new pairs of shoes you found...how was the cappuccino...and did you eat any gnocchi? :) Do we get to see new paintings soon???

Buon Giorno!

dayle doroshow said...

sounds divine and that you are having THE most wonderful time. looking forward to hearing more-