Thursday, October 14, 2010

Why I Went to London

My Watercolour Workshop in the English countryside, began with a few days spent in London to meet some of the locals.
I spent some quality time looking for a butter knife a dear friend wanted from the antique stalls on Portobello Road. I think a few dozen other people were shopping for a butter knife as well.

I found some wonderful shadows and windows to photograph near my hotel on Prince's Square. I will be busy all winter painting from my photos.

Just in case you don't believe I went to London, I took this shot of a London phone booth around the corner from my hotel. Now that I am home again with a pile of dishes waiting for me in the sink, it is nice to have remind myself also that I actually was walking around in the London fog last week. I find these reminders useful to pull me out of post trip minor depression.

Since I do have a "slight" interest in shoe shopping, I thought you might like to see some shoe trends I observed in a shop window on Portobello Road.


Pumpkin Delight said...

London is one of my favorite cities. Such a neat place.

Kate said...

Now I want to go to to London too!