Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Confusion in the Garden

So, I decided to create a composition that combined several of my favorite items that I saw and fell in love with in the French countryside. I really love the old dressmaker's dummy that lived in the lobby of the mill converted to a B & B where I stayed. I loved the grandfather clock that was in the corner of a lovely small cafe. The shuttered windows? They were all over the place and the one in this painting also was part of the B & B. The cat was actually sitting on the bench sunning himself (herself?). The pillows on the bench were inspired by my find of two old fabulous pillow shams at the Sunday flea market. The watering can was in the bushes at the B & B. also. Somehow I saw this painting in my head in sepia tones. However, after I painted the browns and threw in a few other colors, I felt I didn't get the feel I wanted in the painting so I went ahead and painted it again with a limited color palette and kind of like the results. What do you think?

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Roberta said...

It's hard to decide, Barbara...I think I love them both equally! I do love the "vintage" feel of the more sepia one...but I love the colorful one too! It's great how you added all the special things you loved in one painting. Great composition!