Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Cortona Door and Tom

My watercolor classes and I painted this door last week. I stood in front of this door in the town of Cortona with my first traveling student, Tom. We both leaned against a pile of lumber which was just the right height to use as a desk. Tom was a talented painter and wonderful student and friend. He always had a smile on his face, never complained and always enjoyed art classes and painting. Sadly, Tom passed away last month and is sorely missed by myself and all his watercolor pals. I know we are all kind of waiting for him to amble into class with a grin on his face. I hope he is upstairs painting a rainbow.


Paula McNamee said...

Hi Barbara, I just discovered your blog. Your paintings make me want to return to Europe. I wish that I lived closer to you because I'd take your classes. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Barbara - My beloved soul mate, Tom Naughton, was and is the love of my life and I am lost without him. He so enjoyed traveling that I never denied him any chance he had to do that even though he wanted me there so badly we both made the best of the situation. When I would get scared at the thought of being away from him he would always say, "I have you here in my pocket, close to my heart" and smile and wink at me. He always brought me his patience, his kindness, his sweetness, and his love and was totally focused on me and our love; which makes it so very difficult and lonely and isolated without him... life will never be the same for me and our puppy, Sandy, I just want to be with "my Tom...." I am so glad you were able to have his company on the Cortona trip and I should have gone... even if I could not paint... just to be there for him and to share the experience. Margie Tennison (Tom's Little Lady)