Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Secret Message for Thursday Afternoon Watercolor Students

This coming Thursday, April 10, we will NOT be painting in the field. Machado's Orchard won't be open until May 15th and we need to have forms signed in advance of an outing, plus check the location to make sure it is okay and accessable for everyone in the class.

Now for the good news, the class has been extended. We will take a two week hiatus, when I will be in Italy, and then we'll resume for 4 more weeks! So I will see everyone at the DeWitt Center classroom this Thursday. Ciao!


Kijar said...

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Deirdra Doan said...

Hi Barbara, You have a weird spam email the kijar. Dont click it. I did and it was a mess maybe a virus thing.

I wish I was going with you to Italy. I painted, well I drew and wanted to get to the watercolor in a garden today. Will water color it Sunday. Love, Deirdra

JoJosho said...

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Susan Carrier said...

Is the hopping froggy watercolor yours? I love it!

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