Monday, March 31, 2008

Prepreparation for Painting in Tuscany

Today in the watercolor class we all painted a field of red poppies. We started off with a wash of raw sienna, added cobalt blue to the sky and floated in blobs of red and red orange for poppies. After that we added layers of darker colors to give the painting depth and detail. Everyones paintings were successful. We used a book by Susan Sareen that had a picture of poppies and a reference photo of real poppies.

I added some dark brown ink lines to my painting and threw in some analogous colors. Then I tried on my new raincoat and decided it was just right for Tuscany in late April. Now I am prepared for painting poppies and for rain in Tuscany. Ciao! Warning, I will be unbearably uttering ciao from now until I leave for Tuscany. Please excuse me, I just get this way, when I am excited about an impending trip to Italy.

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Deirdra Doan said...

Such pretty poppies. I dream of Tuscany with you...