Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Portable Watercolor Palette Plus Painting Motivation

This morning I prepared a pocket size travel palette to send to a friend and watercolor journaler. She already has the basic colors in another small palette, so I wanted to give her some WOW colors. Watercolor shared is the best, there is no telling what a watercolor journaler/ as talented as Mary Ann Moss of Dispatch from L.A. will do with these colors. 

I decided to throw in my list of watercolor inspirations that I use to jumpstart my painting process sometimes.

I made a map of the colors, because sometimes its hard to tell exactly what color is what in the palette. Its kind of like those maps they put in the chocolate boxes. I wonder if I am getting chocolate for Valentines Day even though I told my husband not to give me any.
These WOW colors really give your paintings pizazzzz. Warning, don't use them all in one painting. I scanned a copy for you, in case you'd like to print it out and put it in your paintbox for those days when you need a bit of motivation to get started painting.
The list of painting motivations folded neatly into the pocket palette. 
Do you ever need motivation to start painting? Tell me about it in the comments box. 

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