Saturday, January 4, 2014

Monet Speaks Out About Geraniums

A pot of geraniums I painted recently.
"Although I prefer waterlilies to geraniums I do find painting red geraniums to be a lot of fun. What I like about painting red geraniums is that their foliage is green. Since green is the complement of red on the color wheel, it is nice to paint them side by side because when complementary colors are placed side by side they make each other look so much more vibrant. 
When I paint waterlilies I  don't use complementary colors. I use cool neighboring colors on the color wheel like blue violets, violets, and blue greens. I really am obsessed with painting waterlilies lately, but my wife says she doesn't think those paintings will sell."
Claude Monet as told to Barbara Roth
(in case you haven't read my other posts that come from What If Monet Had A Blog? This is another of his thoughts as I interpreted them.)  

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