Monday, January 27, 2014

Learn & Improve Your Drawing Ability By Doing Homework

The shoe on the right is my first practice drawing.
Do you want to learn to draw or improve your drawing skills?

I  have been drawing since I could hold a crayon and make a stick figure.  My early drawing practice doesn't mean I was a child genius.  All children draw until they are about 10 or 11. Unless some art critic or well meaning adult criticizes their work and causes them to quit earlier then most children. 
This is my 2nd drawing and you can see I am more familiar with the shape of the shoe and my lines are looser.
Around the the age if 11 children decide they want their drawings to look more realistic and if they don't learn a few techniques to make their pictures look real, then they quit drawing. 

Did you quit drawing because of this reason? Or because some adult criticized your work?  Well, I have good news for you. You CAN learn to draw now or improve the skills you already have. 
 The Bad news is you need to do your  drawing homework.The drawing skills you need to know about are in most drawing books or you can learn them in a class. The skills are:1. Finding basic shapes underneath the object you are drawing. 2. Measurement for correct proportion  3. How to use shading and shadows for more depth in your drawings, and a few more little things.

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