Wednesday, December 25, 2013

"Perfectly Imperfect Art Studio Organizing"

Are you thinking about making an artwork related New Years Resolution?
I think some inspiration struck me today. Instead of brooding about my messy desk, I went to work right in the middle of the shambles on my art table.
Guess what happened? I accomplished something, I finished a painting and practiced some new techniques I am trying to get down. Wow! Who would have thought you could work in a mess without whining or needing to clean it up.
So, my one of my new years resolutions (in addition to losing the omnipresent 10 lbs., exercising more and being a better listener,) I am going to paint more and worry about organizing less, I am going to be "Prefectly Imperfectly Organized". Yes, I know I need to have some systems in place so I know where my Naples yellow watercolor paint is when I want to paint a Tuscan villa, but I don't have to be "perfectly organized" to be a productive artist. Do you think this strategy would work for you?


myra anderson said...

i ALWAYS clean my desk - and then i can't find anything! organized chaos - is that the key?

Linda Jo said...

Yes, it works for me all the time. I only clean up when I'm changing mediums!!!